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This mod changes the way the melee weapons work - instead of clicking and waiting for the good old Lightning Hammer to reload, you can swing your weapons with the cursor! Plus, you deal more damage if you swing even harder!

Modding API

add_slash(wep, damage) - add your weapon to the alternative slash list with custom damage

add_slash_ext(wep, damage, arcbonus, color, critcolor, cost, rads, scr_create, scr_hit, scr_destroy) - similar to add_slash, but with more parameters:

  1. arcbonus - additional degrees to the slash arc
  2. color - normal swing color
  3. critcolor - color of a 2x damage swing (if the arc degree is 75 or more)
  4. cost - amount of ammo randomly taken on swing
  5. rads - amount of rads randomly taken on swing
  6. scr_create - script reference, activated after creating the swing
  7. scr_hit - script reference, activated after hitting something (argument0 = target)
  8. scr_destroy - script reference, activated before being destroyed

ignore(wep) - disable alternative slashes on this weapon (used for screwdrivers)

get_slash(wep) - if an alternative slash for this weapon was added, returns the alternative slash LWO, else returns the default alternative slash LWO. If this weapon is in the ignore list, returns undefined

Install instructions

  1. Download and install the latest version of Nuclear Throne Together from the #co-op_buddies channel of the Nuclear Throne Discord server (https://discord.gg/nt).
  2. Move the downloaded "altslash.mod.gml" file in the "mods" folder.
  3. Open NTT and type "/loadmod altslash".


altslash.mod.gml 8 kB

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