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Adds the missing secret areas, 8 weapons and 1 unlockable character!

Areas (click to reveal)
Name and locationHow to enterFeatures
Terminal (6-?)
Get to 6-1 and press E near a terminalThis area consists of 5 waves (levels) of 10*(loops+1) enemies.
You get 3 chests after each wave.
The final wave features Dungeon Keeper boss, after defeating which you get one out of 4 unique ultra weapons.
Palace Basement (7-?)On 5-1, after killing all enemies, press E near the soda machine and buy a key for 240 rads. Pick up the key and carry it to 7-2. There, find a floor tile with a keyhole in it and hit this tile with your key.[This area does not work in the current version of NTT]
The area has the same layout as 7-2.
Some walls have rad tubes connected to them, which are connected to the generator on top. Destroy the tubes in order to destroy the generator. You have to be careful, though - these tubes may spray some toxic gas and spawn a radiation slime upon shattering. These slimes are very slow and deal contact damage. But, the more slimes are alive, the faster they become. Destroying all generators and killing all slimes will teleport you to 7-3, where half of the Throne generators are empty and have less health.
Moon (MN or 0-?)
On 0-1, wait for a space portal to spawn. Do not let Throne II spawn, as the portal won't spawn while T2 is present. Entering the portal will send you to MN1.Player, enemy and projectile speed is slower on Moon. Falling from the floor will result in death.
Each subarea introduces a new type of enemies:
- MN1: IDPD astronauts (shoot a stream of 4 projectiles)
- MN2: IDPD bots (constantly charge at you)
- MN3: Satellites (shoot 4 projectiles in all directions while rotating 120 degrees)
The final subarea features Commander boss.

Characters (click to reveal)
NameHow to unlockAbilities
On MN1, find a rusty IDPD bot corpse and shoot it with any lightning weapon to charge Jet.Passive - Jet can fly, but can't use guns over walls.
Active - Jet can charge to the position of mouse cursor.


Huge thanks to:

  • blaac for lots of help, testing and inspiration!
  • Saniblues for bossintros mod!
  • Kuabee, Bossfight, meganeko and Midnight's Ocean for the soundtrack!


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the moon was definetly something, very nice