A downloadable mod

Adds an XP bar at the bottom of the screen, which fills up on every kill.
Once you reach a certain level you unlock a permanent skill, which acts like a mutation, but better 👌
You get more XP every loop (L1 = x2 XP, L2 = x3 XP etc.)
Bosses give more XP than kills:
Big Bandit = 15 XP
Big Dog = 30 XP
Lil' Hunter = 50 XP
Mom = 60 XP
Hyper Crystal = 70 XP
Technomancer = 80 XP
The Throne = 90 XP
Throne II = 100 XP

Install instructions

  1. Download and install the latest version of Nuclear Throne Together found in the #co-op_buddies channel of the Nuclear Throne Discord server (https://discord.gg/nt).
  2. Move the "skills" folder from the downloaded ZIP in the "mods" folder.
  3. Open NTT and type "/load skills".


skills.rar 21 kB


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BUG: i was playing (9940) it and when i reach lvl 6 on the death screen i got 2 new skills and it skiped to lvl 9, the xp bar is for lvl 10, i can't get the lvl 7 and 8 upgrades 

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so like it looks cool, but its not downloading as a folder.  Its downloading as a .rar

Можно ли как то ресетнуть лвл? Я случайно сделал так что пропустил 7 и 8 лвл

Okay, but what does each skill actually do? I can't find an explanation anywhere. Pleaaaase

The mod breaks when I attempt to unlock the Fast Reflexes skill.

On which version of NTT are you playing?

As far as I know it's the latest one [9921], also, I didn't mention it, but I was level 6 and then I got up to level 10, somehow.
The error:
mods/skills/skills/fastreflexes.skill.gml[26:4] '118346' (GMLMod) does not have a variable 'current_time_scale'

Most mods require the beta version of NTT. Current beta is v9927, which you can download from the NT Discord server. Here is the link to the beta: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w6ic23q84l7eimz/NuclearThroneTogether9927.zip?dl=0