Update 0.4 - new arrow types

This Spherythm update adds:

  • Two new arrow types:
    • Hold - longer than a normal arrow, hold the button to destroy
    • Rotating - spins around the sphere until it reaches the button
  • A new level for the main version (Spaze - The Explorer) and another new level for the demo version (Spaze - Winter Sun)
  • Editor mode tweaks:
    • Now you can playtest your level by clicking "Save and Play" on the editor pause screen
    • Pressing Z places time markers
    • Holding Shift rounds the slider values
    • Holding Shift and clicking a time marker moves you to that time marker
  • Highscore saving!
  • Fullscreen mode saving!
  • "hpgain" and "hpmiss" fields for levels to control how much HP you gain or lose
  • Better arrow timing - pressing the arrows as soon as they touch the sphere now gives the full bonus (+25 points)
  • Restart shortcut - hold R for 1 second to quickly restart a level
  • Bugfixes:
    • Settings now save properly
    • FPS is locked to the active monitor's refresh rate instead of 60


Spherythm 0.4 (Demo).zip 9 MB
May 25, 2019
Spherythm 0.4.zip 8 MB
May 25, 2019

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