name your mountain using wasd keys

use wasd to attack and up/down arrow keys to switch attacks

the game is over as soon as one of the climbers gets to the summit

made for mini jam 52: summit

sounds provided by lipsumdolor, tosha73, onikage22, swiftoid and Johnnyfarmer from freesound


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"name your mountain using wasd keys" is brilliant


Nice idea. You should add more visual effects and more attacks (avalanche, rain etc)

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Thank you! I'm liking this concept, so I might as well update the game after the jam ends!
In fact, there was supposed to be a unique 3rd attack for each mountain generation. For example, your mountain could generate with rain clouds instead of regular ones, and your 3rd attack would be Rain, or if it had snow clouds, snow would slowly accumulate on the summit which represents the Avalanche attack charge.