What is a better way to spend a hot summer day than getting lost in a mysterious live-action game with coins?

Enter the Coiny Catacombs, a game where you either win your heart's desire (unlikely), or lose it all (extremely likely, maybe even guaranteed)!

This game is a clone of Dicey Dungeons.

Made in 7 days for HaxeJam 2022.

Will be updated with a bugfix after the voting period ends.


Intro Music: Free to Use Jazz Loop 65BPM by TeffyD
Overworld Music: Chipped by TeraVex
Combat Music: The Greenhouse Life (from the game Deadly Greenhouse) by Agent_Jo
Name idea (and, in a way, inspiration for making the entire game) by AngelMoon

GenreCard Game
Made withHaxe, OpenFL
TagsDeck Building, rng, Roguelite
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes


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I can't use any items but the starter ones. The ones I'm stuck on are "dirty money" and "trickle down".


As a Dicey Dungeons fan, I like what you've done here.  The inspiration is clear, and you've taken it in an interesting direction.

There were some places where I think it could have used a little more guidance. I was able to infer what the "= =" icon on the healing item meant, but when I picked up an item with the icon "* *", I couldn't figure out how to actually use it.

But overall, a worthy entry!

There is bug with inserting coin into already closed skill slot which keeps it inside of slot for next turn, but then it is stuck inside and you can't use that skill anymore.






terrible game 00000/10 bad bad bad




terrble gamed evber inventid 012384-/28


worst game ever concieved -1/100


i despise this game with a burning passion -100/10


worst game i have ever seen 0/5


bad game balance 0/10