A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to the GLADISCATOR ARENA. You will not go home in one piece.

Play with your friend (or an AI) as one of the 5 available characters (including the main character of Disc Room, as well as the Robobot from Dicey Dungeons!) and fight to death by dodging and deflecting discs of all sizes and types! The game goes on forever until you hit Escape and end the match. Endless fun and disc chaos!

Music by meganeko:
Ready from boy irl girl url (character selection)
Ninox from Eclipse (fight)
Boot Sequence from Nascens (post-game results)

Sound effect pack provided by doseone.

This is a submission to the Disc Room Game Jam.

Made withHaxe, OpenFL
Tags2D, Versus
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2




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Interesting to see your take on this! This is a very fun game, I’m impressed by how good it looks (especially the menus). Is the IA taunting me? x) Have a nice day :)


Thank you! I'm glad that you found this game fun - I think I've spent more time playing it than actually working on it and wasn't sure if the game's good or I am too biased. I'm really proud of the visuals - this is my first time making a game without pixel art! Coming up with the idea of making the character selection buttons display a part of the portrait was my favourite part, I think they look awesome!

The IA is really weird and tends to do some weird stuff like going near walls too much or switching direction every frame. That's because I hastily made it in like one day as a hidden feature just to test the gameplay with 2 players (don't want to call my friend over every time the game compiles), but then decided to expose it during the last few hours.

Adding online play will be a challenging task for me as well - I've never done that before!