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Note: This game is a work in progress!

You and your team of fellow researchers ended up in another dimension, with no way to return!
This world is cruel, ruled by hostile beasts and automatons of old. The saving grace of your expedition is the Revival Mechanism you stumbled upon. As long as it is functioning, you will keep coming back to life.

Protect the Revival Mechanism by battling numerous waves of monsters, and craft weapons and enhancements to keep up with the increasing difficulty of enemy waves!

Current Version Features

  • Level 1: the Twisted Temple, with two variants: Normal and Advanced
  • 5 Abilities to choose from, each uniquely shaping the user's playstyle
  • 12 Weapons, including good old six-shooters, shotguns, heavy claymores and motorized swords
  • 16 Enhancements that can be swapped out and mix-and-matched at any time for maximum performance
  • Local & Online Multiplayer (online requires port forwarding)
  • F12/Middle Mouse Button for taking screenshots (saved in the game's /screenshots folder)
  • Modding Support
Cover image font: m6x11 by Daniel Linssen.


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Version 0.1.5 38 days ago

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