A downloadable mod

This Nuclear Throne Together mod adds:

  • 9 new weapons
  • 1 new pre-loop crown
  • Occasional things that may or may not happen when opening gift chests
  • And...

A Cat character!

Cat is the current highlight of the mod!

It starts with 9 HP (haha) and can hide in chests, like how cats usually do when they see a box.

Hiding makes you invulnerable to most damage, save for piercing lasers and violent explosions (because a simple box cannot save you from that).

After leaving a box, Cat will pounce in the direction of aiming and scratch everyone and everything it comes in contact with. Don't worry, that won't kill you - you get invincibility frames for the duration of the pounce!

Cat is unlocked by default and has an optional stylish unlockable B-Skin. It also includes support for the Crown Cranium mutation from the Metamorphosis mod!

Why is the mod so small though?

I originally wanted to make a sort-of-large-scale all-kinds-of-content mod, but then just... stopped? For some reason? Now I don't really have time to work on it, so I'm just releasing it as is. Hoping to come back to it at some point!

StatusOn hold
CategoryGame mod
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
TagsNuclear Throne Together, ntt-crown, ntt-race, ntt-weapon


deepdesolate v0.1.zip 58 kB


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Compatible with NT:TE, and Vagabounds?

Should be. I don't think I've ever heard of any incompatibilities between NTT mods