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Megaquest Mod adds 11 new quests!

  • Warrior - Attack and Defend (unused equipment is converted to shield)
  • Warrior - The World (get an extra turn for a price)
  • Thief - Jack of All Trades (swap one item with the enemy every battle)
  • Thief - The New Copycat (copy the enemy equipment)
  • Robot - Increment (roll infinite dice but lose hp as you roll higher dice)
  • Robot - Self Destruct (lose 1 max hp every turn)
  • Inventor - More Gun (make automatic equipment)
  • Inventor - Instant Gadgets (make gadgets while in combat)
  • Witch - Aged Pages (spells have a chance to become weakened)
  • Witch - Complex Magic (use mana-powered spells)
  • Jester - More Cards (find new card types: trap, combo and tension)
This is a mod for Dicey Dungeons. You can buy the alpha version here: https://terrycavanagh.itch.io/dicey-dungeons

Install instructions

  1. Open the Dicey Dungeons mod folder (located at %appdata%/itch/apps/dicey dungeons/mods by default)
  2. Extract the "megaquest" folder from the downloaded zip in the mods folder.
  3. Open Dicey Dungeons
  4. Go to the Editor
  5. Click the Mods button and select "megaquest"


megaquest-1.1.0.zip 44 kB

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